Coneywoods Our Alfie

D.O.B: 27/02/09

Hip Score: 4/5



Colour: Black and Tan

Coat: Long coated


Alfie is from the Coneywoods line, and is a big softy who always likes to show off. He is very loyal, and is fantastic with people and cats.


He is our main stud dog, and throws great colors (which the progeny section below can testify.) He can be often found playing with Misty and is has a great personality which shines through.


Progeny through Anukie

Storm (Rebeckmars in the Dawn)

Shadow (Rebeckmars in the Dusk)


Progeny through Misty

Kim (Rebeckmars Chamomile)

Amber (Rebeckmars Mistletoe)